The Easy Way

from Shine Avenue by Emergency Pizza Party

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beat by oddioblender



i hate the days when i wake up and i cant find anything
its missing from my brain strain pain it brings
stranger things have happened probably when i was on acid
i am hungry now fridge is broken all the food is rancid
and im token on the weed and i need to stop this habit
im nineteen years old my life is tragic
i know things will get better cause they can't get worse
10 years later life is greater your mother is a horse

{B3tty Rebz}

yeah - i like to chill and be one with the universe -
i'm in no hurry to be hauled away up in a hearse
i'm livin life to the fullest - tryin' not tah get stressed
some shit gets outta control - but i take a toke - chill like the best
keep your heart open up and reach for the sky
roll it up and pass the dutchie pon de left hand side
the universe is your's - to be as you wanna be
like a little snowflake - float on differently


take the easy way no need say that your sorry
keep your life rollin on like a katamari
it's hardly your fault or sometimes it is
take control of your life don't let it fizz
take the easy way no need say that your sorry
keep your life rollin on like a katamari
don't let it stop drop flop pop like pop rocks
when life aint hot just watch some hot shots


I'm a
dumb-dumb-dummy, stress I felt it
ice cube cold, I almost melted
almost quit but now I'm giving my bestest
nothing gonna stop me but divine intervention
had bad days, hated the man the mirror
now the sun is out, days are clearer
guess what i'm saying, there ain't no better Steven
so rid yourself of sadness and flow with the season


Different types of emotions effect the human psychy
Sometimes hit you at times most un-likely
The demons within me , made me so damn needy
But I had to keep pressin on , I couldn't stop so freely
Fast forward to the present , and now the bad is gone
Brought forth the light that used to lack now bond
My progress, family,friends , most importantly my wife
No stress, no stifre , it's an E P P life


i feel a little taller
reachin for the sky like i'm reachin for a wallet
I wanna hold a raffle or a beneficial thing
commemorate the day or something - we
take it easy turn it down and take it slow
a simple execution but we gotta let you know
you can see us watchin stupid videos
and crackin up laughin at fart jokes

no one's ever gonna wait
and nothing's ever gonna change
i'll take i'll take the easy way
and after every pourin rain
you're still gonna find the sun
shinin on shinin on everyone
-repeat chorus-


from Shine Avenue, released June 15, 2010
production by Oddioblender


all rights reserved



Emergency Pizza Party Orlando, Florida

Emergency Pizza Party, also known simply as "EPP," began their impressive careers as a darkwave industrial band, cutting its teeth in various dive bars and coffee houses around central Florida. Eventually, MC Wreckshin (then known to the world as "Flaccid Fate") ran out of black t-shirts, and decided to reinvent the band as the hottest rap group ever to come out of the mean streets of Orlando. ... more

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