Shine Avenue

from Shine Avenue by Emergency Pizza Party

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beat by mcwreckshin


hey bro
where did your shine go
down in orlando
i got he feelin that the ceilin's really starting to glow
i get a crazy backbone my face goes back home
from the YMCA all the way to Will's back door
I can't stop shinin man, the avenue's so sick
I'm flippin it rippin it whippin the lunatic
shine everyday cuz you know i be doin it

doing it, doing it and doing it well
Blue's crew avenue, we doing it swell
Street View - to look at the route
farmers say - "Look at my Sprouts"
Avenue raps, playing slaps
cuddle together to take a nap
if we're awake we like to play
Sunny day, clouds away
cracking quarts, not talking about Relic
wish I had a sweet 'stache like Sellick
Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs
fucking up the scenery unless it says Shine

Your Mother's a mime, your mother's a mime
Welcome to our Avenue, SHIIIIIIIINE

Shine Avenue, comin through to ya face
Time , The place, Myspace, what a waste
Free phones, Vietnamese, church of scientology
Worship Xenu, they knew , he knew, Mayan Wanna be's
So what-cha-know about that, we reppin it boldy
If Hemskey was the handler EPP's the goalie
After a hard days work we go to shine avenue
Put in The flirt with all the fine spanish dudes

yo this is our block yo this our street
you flock like birds to do a meet and greet
with epp you know we neat and we are ludicrous
bitch your dad is gay seen how many dude's he kissed
you musta missed it but i had it listed
as the number one thing to get you in prison
and business is good cause shinin' is my business
and that's how i bring it cuz your mother was a witness


we are here to shine off your face
in our group we delegate
hotness is what we represent all day
we stay fresh most deff like pils berret
we be bustin' nuts and bustin' rhymes
cuz epp is gross all the time
we rap about poop and sing about it
cuz epp loves shit or SHIIIIINE

no frettin or sadness - epp's stunnin like a stun gun
we got the shinning - we got betta red rum then jack nickel-SON
we be zombie huntin - certified head shot killers
callin out your bull shit like we be pen & teller
make you miss us cuz we the funnest bunch
but if you kriss kross us you be fired like donald trump
got no time for drama - but it's funny junk
kitties should stick with cuteness not chinese food for lunch


from Shine Avenue, released June 15, 2010
production by MC Wreckshin


all rights reserved



Emergency Pizza Party Orlando, Florida

Emergency Pizza Party, also known simply as "EPP," began their impressive careers as a darkwave industrial band, cutting its teeth in various dive bars and coffee houses around central Florida. Eventually, MC Wreckshin (then known to the world as "Flaccid Fate") ran out of black t-shirts, and decided to reinvent the band as the hottest rap group ever to come out of the mean streets of Orlando. ... more

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