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beat by bbear



Yo screw the Chronic I'm Reppin The comics
Emcees using moves like psionics
Blastin some in ya ear drum
Intense like downin 51 rum
Masters on attack about to spit on this track
Whack ya back like a junkie on crack
In the end ya know we the kings
For Reppin what we truely believe in


Lemme Rep This
I'm Boundless
I hit the street and I found it
From The back to the top
Knowin I won't stop
Like Chips with Pop Top
I'm hot like Hot Rods
In Doors like doorknobs
I'm Takin A trun
Just an old school bear
With no cash to Burn
Got a whole new batch
Of new tracks to learn
Grow a whole new patch
Goin to fast to turn
Gettin high speed and I'm crashin
We're drinkin and we're laughin
We're EPP we askin
Your feet to keep on dancin
Hold up
Cuz you should save me
Some biscuits and some gravy
I'm mad cuz no one pays me
But it's because I'm lazy


yo im repping the shores of miami beach
bird feathers galore and a thousands beaks
i eat the meek with nofx for weeks
i speak for three im bizarro leet
i trim my beard neat i have firm beliefs
like chthulu who knew that he'd bring gooey treats
i got goals i thought i told ya im made of soul
i put laundry on my bed i said i may not fold
i sniff black mold to get high kinds creepin
i siff black gold to get by on weekends
im keeping up with one piece ever so slowly
my power is maximum my name is broly
insane and lulzy i claim im bulzy
my name is sultry like a yeast infection
my weapon of choice is misdirection
i drive a rolls royce and i wear a stetson


Not just a show on NPR
"This I Believe" with all my heart - it's
Summer time, so pee in the pool while
smiling, it's the "Golden" Rule
Benjamin Clyde supplies the beat, three
stripes feel so beast on my feet
force is mass times acceleration
Corona with tequila my libation, never
patient, i hate waiting rather
spend my time celebrating, watch
shows with animals mating and
if I forget well I blame the Haitian
beats and rhymes fused into a weapon of
mushroom cloud pizza perfection, drop
bombs in mp3 form, no survivin'
no time for shuckin and jivin

{B3tty R3bz}

im a hot tamale to hot to watch me
epp reps the game like sifl and olly
rebel is who i am i stick it to the man
artsy with my lyrics i craft them when i can
i button smash when i don't know what to hit
i sing along to lyrics even if i don't was it is
gothy hippie chick is what i've been told
labels suck - to old to care - i'm rocking 'em both
like a nerdcore wet dream - epp left a stain
no gold grills but our games off the chain
when i'm drunk i freestyle a verse
when i'm angry i'll be flipping the bird
its a light saber fight that keeps me up all night
but i gotta wear shades cuz my futures so bright
beating our chest and fligging poo
we be gangsta's - you know how we do


So We Got ya hooked and you just lost
Ya heard the facts reppin from the boss
Bird feathers to peein in the pool
Drinkin and laughing bringin back old school
Button Mashing while wearin that stetson
The misdirections of pizza perfection
E P P might be a little lazy
Like grits and gravy we phat like crazy


from Shine Avenue, released June 15, 2010
production by Benjamin Bear


all rights reserved



Emergency Pizza Party Orlando, Florida

Emergency Pizza Party, also known simply as "EPP," began their impressive careers as a darkwave industrial band, cutting its teeth in various dive bars and coffee houses around central Florida. Eventually, MC Wreckshin (then known to the world as "Flaccid Fate") ran out of black t-shirts, and decided to reinvent the band as the hottest rap group ever to come out of the mean streets of Orlando. ... more

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