from Shine Avenue by Emergency Pizza Party

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beat by funky49


I'm punchin' out, every day I'm lunchin' out
Panera Bread, ya know I'm munchin' out
Fill my belly with the calories I need
gettin' energy to make the champ bleed
let's do this... with my coach Doc Louis
Makin' me jog so I can get through this
blows land on the nose of Glass Joe,
Flaminco, in the gut of King Hippo
There no stoppin', until I'm droppin'
Piston Honda, Super Macho Man toppin'
D-pad, buttons I hit quickly
in the ring I say "Stop Trying To Hit Me and Hit Me"
Iron Mike slappin, on stage I'm rappin
cuddle with a cutie afterwards we nappin'
yo, throwin' blows is not my style
but in video games I'm known to get wild


Swingin with my fist it's a one-two punch
Got you seein stars like a fancy brunch
I stick and move I'm to fast for you
I'd deliver you a kick but there's no option to
So I -Punch your face then I punch you in the gut
Comin at you hard like punches in the nuts
You can say I'm serious look at my stances
Every enemy that I defeat another advance
Runnin after bikes I'm only doin what I like
Punchin Iron Mike in the face and I win the fight
Risin Up - lighning hot
All time Punch - out superstar
I got my green trunks on and I'll win the fight
Mike Tyson's Punch out all day and night
Even though I'm tiny I will punch your mouth
Punchin your face is what it's all about


look at little mac and his trainer doc lou
also playing the role of little mac is you
to punch out glass joe no need to bring the fire
make that shit quick cause he wants to retire
piston honda wasn't such a certain simple foe though
if you're not careful get a TKO from Tokyo
don flamenco dancing with a rose in his mouth
42 seconds to knock his ass out
king hippo challenged me to a sushi eating contest
ate eight rolls then i punched him in the bandage
double oh-seven-three-seven-three-five-nine-six-three to fight the big cheese
eight-double-zero-four-two-two-two-six-oh-two get a busy signal dude

From Glass up his ass to Von Kaiser
He'll Rip ya apart and take a shizer!
This ain't Malice Mizer or an old Attire!
This is Little Mac --- Pullin out the wire
This bitch is on fire like a hitman for hire
He'll send ya ass into Retire
Don't cry Sandman you'll get the works
When little gives you those Special Jerks
Landing those punches in ya face
Night Night Sandman your off to the lake
Super Macho he knows your there
Your just a wrestler you got the hair
When he's done with you, you'll be a tub of jello
A filling for the dudes , and all the fine fellows

{B3tty Rebz}

she's the missing character of this punch out adventure
bringing skills of a raptor this bitch ain't no amateur
she'll be running circles 'round you till the fight is thru
you ain't nothing but a chump cuz you can't handle her moves
you're playing the role of little mac but you can't hack
her attack, she'll fuck you up with a back handed bitch slap
don't cry in shame suckah it's just a game
blowing you up like blowing up your mainframe
she'll punch your in your face - She'll put you in your place
she don't need no devices or use any mace
with a technical knock out she'll be knocking your lights out
don't freak out it's just E P P screaming out!



from Shine Avenue, released June 15, 2010
production by funky49


all rights reserved



Emergency Pizza Party Orlando, Florida

Emergency Pizza Party, also known simply as "EPP," began their impressive careers as a darkwave industrial band, cutting its teeth in various dive bars and coffee houses around central Florida. Eventually, MC Wreckshin (then known to the world as "Flaccid Fate") ran out of black t-shirts, and decided to reinvent the band as the hottest rap group ever to come out of the mean streets of Orlando. ... more

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